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My name is Amber, and I am not a naturally organized person. There I said it. I am a professional organizer that wasn’t born neat and tidy. You may be asking yourself why I would even admit this?


It’s simple really, because I believe that if I can learn how to get and stay organized, you can too!


Growing up, my home was chaotic and out of control. I got married young, and started my family, without a clue as to how to create and maintain systems for a well-organized home.


Many years and life circumstances including: a growing family, running a home daycare, downsizing, a house-fire, crazy busy schedules, financial limitations, and even adding 3 extra kids to our home for a while, played a role in teaching me practical solutions for creating a home that is inviting, and easy to maintain. Most importantly, one that works for my family and I’s lifestyle. Over time my friends and family took notice and started asking me for tips and tricks for transforming their own spaces.


Fast forward to 2009.  A good friend insisted on hiring me to help get her house in order, so she could host her family during the holidays. We worked on one room at a time until we covered the entire house, including the garage! This friend was so persistent in her encouragement, and helped me see the value in sharing my organizing skills with others. After a few months of research and lots of prayer, I jumped in with both feet and the rest is history!


It has been my honor to serve over 200 families in the Oklahoma City, OK metro since starting Dwelling Place Organizing 8 years ago! It’s incredible to come alongside amazing people who are just a little overwhelmed and frustrated, and to help lead them to the light at the end of the tunnel as they take control of their cluttered spaces.



While I was trying to sell my house, the clutter and excess stuff naturally made it’s way to the garage. I became so weary of the clutter in there, and I needed help. Dwelling Place Organizing came to my rescue! Amber is very professional and the organization came easy with Amber’s advice. She helped me restore order in only six hours! Wanting to rid yourself of clutter in a painless manner? I highly recommend Dwelling Place Organizing! - Ann

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